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Program Fees

All members must pay the applicable program fees as outlined. Failure to pay the fees can result in loss of membership in the CWKF club. 



Canadian Wado Ryu Karate Federation

Fees offset the cost of general training, dojo rental, clinics, seminars and social events for members

Amount: $50 monthly, all belt levels; special discounts for families - See Subscription and Membership Levels

Ontario Karate Federation

Ensures the club is aligned with and meets the technical standards set by the Canadian provincial and national governing bodies

Amount: $40-60 annual, all belt levels

Grading Fees (subject to change from time to time): 

9th kyu: free

8th - 7th kyu: $20 per grading

6th - 4th kyu: $25 per grading 

3rd - 1st kyu: $30 per grading 

Dan levels: based on dan level 

Other member fees: 

Grading syllabus: The syllabus lists the technical requirements for each kyu level the member must perfect to attain that level. All members must have a grading syllabus.

Cost: $10.00

Special events and seminars: There are several clinics and seminars throughout the year. Attendance at clinics and seminars is not mandatory. However, they are considered essential for the advanced development of serious Wado Ryu practitioners regardless of belt level. Fees vary by clinic and are published in advance of teh event. 

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