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The North York YMCA Karate Club was established in 1986 by Sensei Alex Waith (7th Dan) who has taught Karate for over 40 years.

Alex Waith Sensei, Chief Instructor, Canadian Wado Ryu Karate

  • Wado Ryu Karate-Do Renmei 7 th Dan.

  • Started karate training in 1963.

  • Member of All Britain Karate Association (ABKA) Wado Ryu branch CIRCA 1964 , training under Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei , Masafumi Shiomitsu Sensei and other instructors of the ABKA

  • Founding member of the Guyana Karate Federation CIRCA September, 1972.

  • Came to Canada in 1977. Started Ontario branch of Canadian Wado Ryu Karate Federation under the direction of Suzuki Tatsuo Sensei - United Kingdom Karate Wado Ryu Federation (UKKW) Chairman.

  • Chief Instructor of Canadian Wado Ryu Karate Federation CIRCA 1986.

  • Former NKA tournament official. Member of the Technical Committee of Karate Ontario.

  • Appointed member of NKA Technical Advisory Committee Wado Ryu representative CIRCA 1992.

  • Currently Canada’s representative of the Wado Ryu Karate-Do Academy under Masafumi Shiomitsu Sensei 9 Dan and affiliate of the Wado Ryu Karate-Do Renmei of Japan under Grand Master Hironori Ohtsuka .

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