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Selected list of articles that we thought might be of interest

An interview conducted by Domenico Capilongo during his visit to Toronto in 2017.

Advice from Sensei Alex

Interview with Daniel Manalang

Sports Drinks

Interview with Juri Iwata

Questions for Sensei

Exercise Beyond the Dojo

Shotokan Myths

Ontario Grand Prix #1 Tournament 2013 Results

Interview with Nikolaus Wolter

Questions for Sensei

Vitamins for Flexibility

Book Review: Traditions by David Lowry

Stretch and Strengths for Karate

Karate Kamp Report 2012

Interview with Courtney Carroll

Sensei Shiomitsu’s Grading Books

Reflections on Grading and Karate

The Karate Kid: Movie Review

Book Review: Geronimo Stilton: The Karate Mouse

Interview with Victor Myers

Sensei Shiomitsu’s Grading Books

The Practice and Application of Kata - Waith Sensei

Cross Training - Victor Myers

Book Review - Karate-Do: My Way of Life

Video Clips - Grandmaster Ohtsuka II and Kihon Kumite

An Interview with Sempai Riadh Matti

Interview with Grandmaster Hironori Ohtsuka

High Risk Exercises

The Value of Low Blows

An interview with Matti Richer

Post Training Nutrition

Karate: The Pursuit of Excellence

interview with Sensei Graham Guthrie

Interview with Sensei Iwaskai


Finger Injuries

Golf: Sport or Ancient Martial Art?

The Makiwara

Zen in the Martial Arts

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Resource Videos

Selected list of classic Wado Ryu videos

Canadian Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Federation

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