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Club Dues

All members 8th Kyu and up are required to pay club dues.  These dues cover our club for insurance purposes, pays for your passport renewal, gives us access to Karate Ontario competitions and clinics as well as helps support the growth of our club by funding competitive athletes, equipment, educational materials and the costs to organize events such as clinics, camp and social events.  This is a once a year payment and is a bargain considering other clubs charge over $100.00 a month to be a member.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot fight, grade or participate in special classes until your club dues are paid.

We accept cheques made out to Canadian Wado-Ryu Karate Federation
Below is a break down of the fees.  If you are unable to make a full payment, please make sure your Karate Ontario dues are up to date first and you can make the rest of the payments at a later date.  If you are having financial difficulties, please speak to  Robyn and he can make arrangements so you will not fall behind on your gradings.

Sign Up

Want to join the club? First we need to get some information about you. Please fill in your information in [the following forms and email it to


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