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Dojo Etiquette

The basic foundations of karate training are respect and self control. The improvements of character as well as physical condition are parts of the training process for a serious karate-ka (student of karate).

Rei (bowing) is the way in which we show our respect, appreciation, and honour. This appreciation and respect is owed to the Sensei (teacher), the dojo (training area), and other students. Your honour is owed to karate and to the fact that karate is not just a sport, but a martial art and a way of life.

  • All karate-ka must bow before entering the dojo. The dojo is a sacred place to those who practice karate. We bow when entering the dojo to acknowledge our purpose to train intensively. We also bow when leaving the dojo to show gratitude for a good training session.

  • As expected, idle chatter, smoking, alcohol, eating, chewing gum, etc. are not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Lower grades must always respect and take any instructions given to them by a senior grade. All karate-ka must bow to instructors or visiting instructors. Politeness is emphasized at all times in the dojo.

  • A clean, white, karate gi must be worn. Socks, shoes or jewelry are not allowed. Also finger and toe nails should be kept short.

  • Absolute subordinance should be shown to your Sensei at all times. All instructions from the Sensei or designated instructor must be followed.

  • Call your instructor “Sensei” and senior student “Sempai”.

  • Instruction given by the instructor should be acknowledged with the word hai.

  • Always stand in the nore or yoi stance. Never stand around with your hands on your waist.

  • When you are sitting, always sit cross-legged or in the seiza position.

  • In all practice, emphasis is placed on control, accuracy, and non-contact.

  • If you arrive late, you must sit in seiza position, bow three times and stay seated until the Sensei gives you permission to join in, or any other instructions.

  • In case of injury or illness, report it immediately to the Sensei.

  • The Sensei must be informed if you leave the dojo before the end of the class. Then follow the normal procedures for leaving the dojo.

  • A technique should be practiced in the exact way that you would apply it. Whatever you do, do it with all of your might and concentration.

  • All students should help keep the dojo clean. Please try to keep the floor dry and clean.

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